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YourArtitude is a website where you can find information on various art-related subjects, from contemporary art to illustrations, digital art, paintings, poetry, photography, videos ect.

“Art Posts” – We like art and we like artists. The contemporary art category is a special one, because that’s where you get to know contemporary artists and their craziness point of view. They have a very sophisticated way of thinking that draws your attention and makes you consider viewing the work one more time. Being a part of such works is not as easy as you might think, sometimes even thinking doesn’t help.

By exposing new artworks, we at the same time try to help artists themselves by inspiring them. We try to share with you beautiful things made by human beings. Let’s use our technology for art and creativity, it’s one of the few roads that lead you to inner joy and  fulfillment!
Be a part of us, create your own a(r)ttitude!

 “Zen Moments”  a daily updated section with a moment a photographer would have caught with a camera but a writer expresses it with words.

“Books”  – Spiritual Inspirational Books.  An inner journey on discovering the essence of who we are. Please check them out on Kindle Store and share your honest reviews with us.

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