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Searching For Life


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“Searching for Life” is the first book of a series of poetic diaries expressed through paintings and poems. It’s a path that leads from darkness to vitality, from confusion to the joy of living.

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Table of Contents:

  • Undressing
  • When you free yourself
  • Watchful
  • The light is becoming dense
  • Just one reflection
  • Flow
  • Escaping
  • Deeper
  • If you were the air
  • Who am I ?
  • A lightning just stroke
  • Words of Truth
  • How many times have i said yes?
  • In the absence of gravity
  • A cloud always goes away
  • Different perceptions
  • Feels like soon i’ll be reborn



I’m undressing from every

face I have seen

From every voice I have heard

I’m undressing from every

hand that I’ve shaken

From every chest I have hugged

I’m undressing from every

advice that I’ve given

From every thought that I’ve shared

From every withered smile

I’ve never felt such an ache …

The entire body is in fever

The head is screaming

And the eyes blistering …

I scream with the pillow in my mouth

Hitting the mattress with a fist

harder than before

But an inner peace re-emerges

A familiar voice calls from within

And a ceaseless energy refreshes everything

Still undressing

From old dreams



From tears…

Until the breath will flow pure


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