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Community-run Rental in Yoshino, Japan

Tucked away up in the mountains of Nara, a mere one-hour drive southeast of the Osaka metropolitan area, the small town of Yoshino is facing the same problems of abandonment and financial decline as many other rural areas in Japan.

House that looks like shell

The Nautilus house by Mexican architect Javier Senosiain of Arquitectura Organica, is the most fantastical tiny house we’ve stumbled upon thus far. Shaped as a shell, this home near Mexico City was inspired by the work of Gaudí, Frank Lloyd

Geometric Twin Houses

Architecture studio WOJR designed ‘Twins’, a site located in Upstate New York that consists of two geometric buildings facing each other. Created for two brothers, the two houses feature different shapes, a hexagon and a four-sided polygon, yet both are

Crossed House In Spain By Clavel Arquitectos

Located in La Alcayna, Spain, ‘Crossed house’ is a structure designed by Spanish architects Clavel Arquitectos that consists of two concrete blocks stacked on top of each other with views of adjacent mountains, the ‘Sierra de la Pila’ and ‘Valle del Ricote’.

Urban Flowers Bloom When Pedestrians Pass By Under Them

HQ Architects developed a public installation that offers an artistic aesthetic to the environment through playfully responsive design. The Warde project, located in Jerusalem’s Vallero Square—an urban area that’s in poor condition—is being given a set of towering flower sculptures,

Adriatic Sea’s Natural Rhythm Makes Music Through 230-Ft Organ

Croatian architect Nikola Bašić is collaborating with the Adriatic sea to make mellifluous music. In 2005, he designed a 230-foot morse orgulje (or sea organ) that uses the rhythm of the waves to play a melody. On the surface, this

Constructed Abstract architectural Volumes

Daniel Mullen make images of abstract architectural volumes, that seem weightless and transparent, where the scale is left to the imagination of the viewer. More Paintings at: