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Best wildlife papercut compositions

It all started with one of those bumper packs of felt tips. Helen Musselwhite continues her passion created in early days of Christmas. When wrapping paper she finds herself going in a creative journey. This passion brought her here today

Oversized stamps of countries around the world

Artist Diana Beltran Herra creates crafts creatures that are full of life. She transform paper and wood into realistic birds. The above figures she composed from stamps of countries around the world. Interviewed by the Colossal she stated: “I always

Feather art of Chris Maynard

Chris Maynard combines his strong backgrounds in biology and ecology into not only his art, but also a tabletop book and engaging and informative talks on the beauty, function, and meaning of feathers. He is a member of Society of

Pop artists in Kokeshi dolls

The traditional Japanese craft of kokeshi is still alive and practiced by Becky Kemp. You can already find your favorite icon.        

Masterpieces Made from Oat Flakes

Sarah is a self-taught artist. ‘Portrait Oats’ is the newest project where most famous are brought to us in a different perspective, created entirely from oatmeal.  She knows how to give the mornings an artistic touch. Feel free to choose your morning

Textured Wool Rugs Bring the Natural Pastures of Argentinian Landscapes Indoors

Alexandra Kehayoglou creates unique wool rugs that serve as an eye-catching addition to any room. The Argentinian artist makes use of a hand-tufting technique to form lush greenery, taking several months to complete just one of her signature woolen creations. Through

Echanted Dolls by Marina Bychkova

Marina Bychkova is a Russian-Canadian figurative artist and a founder of Enchanted Doll™- a luxury toy label of exquisite, porcelain dolls. More than mere playthings, Enchanted Dolls are elegantly sculpted and articulated works of art. Strikingly nude, engraved or adorned