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Cyberpunk art of Josan Gonzalez

The Spanish illustrator is currently in the midst of crowdfunding a second book in his series, The Future is Now, and it’s the kind of grimy cyberpunk world where everyone seems to feature some kind of robotic augmentation and the

A Beautiful Short Film About Life and Death

The Life of Death is a touching hand drawn animation about the day Death fell in love with Life. Beautiful and powerful storytelling, everything in this short film focuses on making it easier for people to accept death as a

Miniature Movie Sets Crafted With Such Detail You Won’t Believe Your Eyes

As crazy as it may seem, there was a time when computers did not exist. Before the days of digital manipulation tricks, also known as CGI, the magic of the movies was created by hand. Instead of “copying and pasting”

No Matter What Your Age, You Can Get Life Advice from Your Elders

You can always learn something from your elders. 8-year-olds can learn from 9-year-olds, just as octogenarians can learn from nonagenarians. With age comes wisdom. Source: CBC’s WireTapradio show

How german expressionism influenced Tim Burton

Cinema Sem Lei has made a nice supercut video essay that explores the influence of German Expressionism on the films of Tim Burton. There’s undeniably some direct quotes: The first shot comparing the cityscapes of Metropolis and Batman Returns, the

Walking, 1968

Ryan Larkin, 1968, 5 min 6 s Animator Ryan Larkin uses an artist’s sensibility to illustrate the way people walk. He employs a variety of techniques–line drawing, colour wash, etc.–to catch and reproduce the motion of people afoot. The springing

The best children’s stories can be a delight for adults, too

The Red Balloon The best children’s stories can be a delight for adults, too. That’s certainly the case with Albert Lamorisse’s 1956 short film, The Red Balloon. The story is set in the run-down Ménilmontant neighborhood of Paris. A little