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Surreal Collages by Eugenia Loli

The collages of Eugenia include dreamlike landscapes that draw you in. The source of the images is from a stack of vintage magazines, and from there she develops ideas, scans the images and creates her bizarre and beautiful realities.  

Feather art of Chris Maynard

Chris Maynard combines his strong backgrounds in biology and ecology into not only his art, but also a tabletop book and engaging and informative talks on the beauty, function, and meaning of feathers. He is a member of Society of

Masterpieces Made from Oat Flakes

Sarah is a self-taught artist. ‘Portrait Oats’ is the newest project where most famous are brought to us in a different perspective, created entirely from oatmeal.  She knows how to give the mornings an artistic touch. Feel free to choose your morning

Shirin Neshat brings through photography the oppression which women suffer in a world ruled by men

Shirin Neshat became known through her photo series and video installations that work with violently contrasting visual and symbolical associations. In Fervor (2000), the screen is split between men in white on the left side, with veiled women dressed in

The Beauty of Childhood Spent Free from Modern Electronic Devices

The kids have little access to their mother Niki Boon’s photography equipment and have minimal interaction with the camera while they’re in front of it. For each of their birthdays, however, she gives them a selection of these special images

Japan’s Artistic Manhole Covers

Japan is a country full of amazing art. Some of it is housed within museums and galleries while others are right underneath our feet. For the past several years photographer S. Morita has traveled around Japan photographing artistic manhole covers.

New Animated Portraits – Quirky Isolated Movements

French photographer and director Romain Laurent started making portrait-based GIFs as a way to produce work outside his commercial jobs, a spontaneous project that would encourage him to produce consistently for himself rather than clients.