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Paintings in motion for ‘Loving Vincent’ movie

62,450 Oil paintings come to life by telling the story of Vincent van Gogh. It took nearly six years of development to release the full movie. Each of the frames was hand painted by 115 professional oil painters. In total there


In 1922, Oskar Schlemmer, a professor in the Theatre of Bauhaus debuted Das Triadisches Ballett (The Triadic Ballet) in Stuttgart, Germany. Schlemmer used the human body as a medium, experimenting with pantomime and ballet with this performance, which toured Europe

Girl on the Escalator from Charles Bukowski

The retelling of Charles Bukowski poem ‘Girl on the Escalator’. Director of the film Kayhan Lannes Ozmen gives us a visual taste of Bukowski’s poetry as intense as his words. as I go to the escalator a young fellow and

Pond that looks like a painting by Monet

This pond is located deep in the mountains of Gifu Prefecture, Japan. It looks like a moving painting, but it’s just a breathless pond that you could look for hours.  Everything that we created was already there.  

The parallel univers of Cinta Vidal

Her remarkable paintings give us the possibility to see the dimension that we want to see and at the same time that of the others. We have the possibility to choose between dimensions and have all of them at the

Take a closer look to the famous images

Using complicated and precise hand-painted camouflage, Liu Bolin recreates these images with scores of human subjects as his canvas.

Tony Oursler the artist who released the moving image from the rectangle

Tony Oursler’s pioneering works with video and new media have been credited with releasing the moving image form the rectangle. Having worked with single-channel video in the late 1970s and 1980s, Oursler’s breakthrough came in 1991 when he began to