Paintings in motion for ‘Loving Vincent’ movie

62,450 Oil paintings come to life by telling the story of Vincent van Gogh. It took nearly six years of development to release the full movie. Each of the frames was hand painted by 115 professional oil painters. In total there

Poem from ‘Searching for Life’

Undressing is a poem from the book ‘Searching for life‘. This piece explains very poetically the biology of our genes and our role in managing them. Undressing   I’m undressing from every face I have seen From every voice I

Oversized stamps of countries around the world

Artist Diana Beltran Herra creates crafts creatures that are full of life. She transform paper and wood into realistic birds. The above figures she composed from stamps of countries around the world. Interviewed by the Colossal she stated: “I always

Cynicism Humorously Illustrated by Eduardo Salles

Euardo Salles (Mexico City, 1987) is advertiser, designer, illustrator, writer and professor at the Miami Ad School. His illustrations are very sarcastic and have a big awareness message. Some may call it cynic but all he’s illustrating is what he

David Bowie words turned into Comics

Zen Pencils is the site that anyone should visit once in a while. The comics created by Gavin Aung are really authentic and they make us reflect regarding different situations. He has a clean, inspirational and childish approach towards each

Cat with tattoos in ink paintings by Kazuaki Horimoto

Kazuaki Horimoto is a Californian based Japanese artist that combines his two passions, cats and tattoos. He included these two passions in a project called Monmon Cats. The artist makes amazing prints, and also he applies those prints into people’s

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